"I cannot thank Chelsea enough for all of her help with our one-year-old's sleeping issues. No one in the house was sleeping, and to say that we were lost and frustrated is an understatement.  She was so thorough with learning everything she needed to know about our child, as well as basically holding our hands through the process.  Not only was the transition way easier than we ever imagined, but it was quick!  Within a few nights she was like a totally different kid sleeping through the night.  It was a total game changer, and kept the whole house sane!  We have had a few hiccups since due to traveling or just normal growth spurts, but the tools she gave us usually get us back on track pretty quickly.  If we ever run into a problem again, we won't hesitate to call her!"

--Colleen D.

"A great nap time and bedtime routine is priceless for good sleeping habits, and no one knows this better than Chelsea. She mastered the art of the nap schedule with our son and he's a great sleeper!"

--Mikel P. 

 "Pajama Nanny is the real deal! She was able to help walk us through all of the options to help get our 4 month old into a consistent sleep schedule.  She was informative and supportive and available to provide constant feedback.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help with their baby/family's sleep schedule!!"

--Dylan T.