Don't Forget to Read the Fine Print!

     These days there are so many different tools out there to help your child fall asleep. I know lots of parents who swear by various swings, pillows, and crib accessories. These products can be very helpful for co-sleeping or having a place to set your wiggly infant while you attend to something close by but what a lot of people don't realize is that these products aren't intended to be used for unsupervised sleep.  

Here is some info from the FAQ page of the DockATot website. 

Here is the info under "Safe Sleep" on the Boppy website. 

Always be sure to read all of the product information that comes with any product and just because one family uses a product one way does not mean it is the safe way. Getting your child's sleep on the right track from the beginning can help eliminate the need for these products and ensure your child the safest and best sleep possible!