Is Merlin's Sleepsuit Really Magic?

      There are tons of products out there that claim to be the solution to all of your child's sleep problems. I wish I could say, "None of these products work ever, for anyone!" but that isn't the case. A lot of these products do work. That's the problem. 
       I personally never recommend any of these products because they can prevent your child from learning how to put themselves to sleep and creating healthy sleep habits on their own. And as always, my biggest concern is safety. If it isn't safe you should NEVER use it no matter how much it helps your child fall or stay asleep. While Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit is safe and can be very affective, I'm not quite convinced it's a must-have. 


     Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit definitely isn't one of the worst sleep products out there. It's as safe as a sleep sac (which I do recommend) and I believe it does help your child fall asleep and stay asleep. So the PRO is that the product is safe and it works. What's the problem? 


      Basically the problem is it works great, until it doesn't. The suit works by muffling your baby's movements and claims to help with transitioning from the swaddle. But just like rocking or feeding, your child can start depending on the suit to fall asleep and sleep through the night. As much as I wish they made one in my size, eventually your child will outgrow the suit or start rolling over in it. Once they are no longer able to use the suit, you can end up with a new set of sleep issues. Your baby hasn't learned how to deal with their movements at night and can startle themselves when they no longer have the comfort of the suit. It may take a few nights for your child to adjust to sleep without the suit but be patient and make sure you don't find other ways to fill this new void your baby may be feeling. 
      Another thing to take into account is cost. At $39.95 for each size (there are two sizes), you could end up spending over $80 and still end up with a child who has trouble self soothing. 

      The best thing to do is avoid anything that can become a sleep crutch. Too many times I see parents use products before giving their child the chance to show them they can sleep great all on their own! While this suit may seem magic, it's just another sleep crutch in disguise. Save yourself the money and trouble and skip this product all together. 

     Of course if you ever need help with any transition, I'm always available for personalized support!