Adjusted Age

One of the first things you learn about your baby is their due date. As soon as you tell people you are expecting they want to know, "What's your due date?" It seems like your entire life is now centered around this one day and in a lot of ways it is. But just when you think you have a month, or two weeks, or two days left, your baby decides their birthday is going to be a little sooner than you expected. (Welcome to parenthood!) Thankfully your baby is happy and healthy and you already put together the crib! 

As you seek advice on different developmental milestones you may notice your child isn't hitting them at the age you expect them to. This may be because they arrived before their due date and you need to be using their adjusted age. This can be very important when using different sleep techniques with your child. You don't want to set them up for something they aren't biologically equipped for. 

To find the adjusted age for a baby born early, simply use their due date as if it were their birthdate. You can do this by subtracting the amount of time they are early (according to their due date) from their actual birthdate. So if your baby is four months old but was born one month before their due date, their adjusted age is three months. If your child is born on or after their due date, you can use their birthdate because their adjusted age is the same as their actual age. 

Adjusted age is a baby's age based on their due date.

Actual Age - Weeks or Months born early= Adjusted Age

Using your baby's adjusted age can help determine whether your child is ready to be sleeping through the night, in their own room, or ready for sleep training. Most babies are able to sleep through the night between four to six months, based on their adjusted age. You wouldn't want to try sleep training a four month old who's adjusted age is only three months because they might not be ready. 

Don't worry, you wont be sending your child off to college based on their adjusted age, you can stop relying on it around the time your child reaches their second birthday.