Did you know that babies can naturally sleep 12 hours a night?

It's true, your baby doesn't have to be waking every other hour. They don't need multiple feedings at night. And you don't have to be stressed all day or up half the night trying to find a solution. 

The help is here. 

Let me take your hand and take you to the place of long, uninterrupted night sleep and great naps. 

Here's how it works, you will fill out a detailed intake form that will allow me to best understand you child's current sleep habits, your family situation, and any special info that I should know. From there a phone call will help me get to know your family and parenting style better. Within 48 hours I will provide you with a custom sleep plan based on the method you feel most comfortable with. When you start your plan, I'll be there to guide you every step of the way with support and encouragement. You will be equipped with the tools and confidence to provide your child with the safe and healthy sleep habits they need to be a great sleeper. 

Let's restore the peace, happiness, and sleep back into your life and family.  

New Kid on the Block Package

Get your newborn off to a great sleep start.  Learn the basics of your child's sleep and how to help your child establish healthy, long lasting sleep habits and avoid any traditional sleep training. Great for expecting parents and infants up to 1 month.  

In-home Consultation
Help setting up registry and nursery
Info to create a safe and healthy sleep environment
Printed sleep plan with helpful tips and schedules 

* Gift certificates available- They make great baby shower gifts! 

Pajama Package

Take your child from issues like bedtime battles, night wakings, night feedings, and early wakings to sleeping through the night and having great naps too. Start feeling refreshed in the morning, not like you just came off a battlefield.

1 Hour Phone Call
Custom Sleep Plan within 48 hours
2 Weeks of Support

Returning Client Package

For clients who have purchased the Pajama Package before and need follow-up assistance. Great if you just need to get back on track or need help getting through a new transition. 

1 Phone Call and 3 Days Email Support